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Weight loss (own experience)

June 4, 2013
  1. Weight loss

    From my own experience.

    Back in 2010 started seriously working on my overweighted body (230 lbs and 6’2”). First steps were hard — short distance running (1-2 miles) on local stadium during weekends combined with 2-3 hour “promenades”. 2-3 months later increased running distance to 5-8 miles (still weekends).

    Meantime added some kind of diet: simply gradually replaced red meat and high calories food like various salads with a lot of mayo, white bread, pasta, mashed potatoes, sausage, etc. — that was my eating style — from Eastern european kitchen — by fresh vegetables, fruits (except for bananas and grape), chicken, turkey, fish, rice, light calories salad dressings, diet coke, etc.

    Also, my sweets (I like chocolate candies, cinnamon buns, donuts, McDo milkshake and Ben & Jerry’s style ice cream) daily intake has been cut down by 90-95% (a blast for my sweets-seduced stomach). Did not touch white bread for 2-3 months.

    Two things were difficult to overcome for the first 5-6 weeks — the fight with the hunger — my stomach did not want to admit that he had to shrink and the fight with my lazy being.

    After loosing 20-25 lbs went to GYM and swimming pool. Continued staying on diet. GYM is a 2-sided stick. The first side is: you’re getting stronger, probably look younger (not sure about that) — maybe because of more intensive blood circulation. The second side is: exercising wears off your body. Even moderate exercising. I did moderate — sorry, no bodybuilding — it was not my goal.

    Forgot to mention that I was doing 2 jobs (full and part-time) and was taking daily (in the morning) 1 pill of multivitamins and minerals — the product called “Multivitamins and minerals. High potency, one per day. Time elapsed release. Iron free formula” (the manufacturer name is: Nature’s Harmony).

    I went down to 175-180 lbs for 6-7 months. Honestly, it was too much, so I gained back 10-15 lbs and stabilized my “body mass”.

    New “body mass” maintenance isn’t simple. You have to stay active every day (walking, some basic exercises) — need to minimize your “TV viewing experience” (couch potatoes, my apologies) and, what the most important is: sleep well and eat healthy (Hello, Elen DeGeneris!).

    Two important things are: if you’re pizza, pasta & burger lover but thinking about loosing weight please cut that kind of food down for 3-4 months. You can always add it back to your daily eating (of course, in moderate amount) later. The second thing is: salt and sugar — yeah, some saltless or containing reduced salt plates taste awful and a lot of people do not like sweetener in their cup of coffee or tea. But you still can control that too.

    My son does Insanity training (results are impressive, by the way).

    Be creative. Do not give up. Learn and try.


Weight gain (main factors causing it)

June 4, 2013
  1. 1. Depraved sleep.

    A number of recent medical studies have linked sleep deprivation (too little or too much sleep) with an increased risk of obesity. The reasons for such relationship range from metabolic disruption to increased appetite due to the production of hormones like leptin or gherin.

    2.  Stress.

    Going through three-foot-long to-do list, family life, social activities and trying to remember all the bills to be paid on time can take a huge toll on your overall health. Stress tends to trigger the production of hormones like leptin and cortisol which promote abdominal weight gain as well as hunger and food cravings.

    3.  Friend’s choice.

    It sounds unlikely to believe but a 2007 study published in the New England Journal of Medecine found that individuals had a 57 % greater chance of becoming obese if they had a friend who became obese in the same time frame. Simply saying, if you have a friend who goes to gym you will likely to do so too and if you have a couch-potato friend who likes to improve his TV viewing experience armed with beer and chips day by day then you’ll probably indulge that lifestyle.

    4.  Not eating enough.

    This is certainly true to an extent: if you use more calories in a day then you take it in trough food you will loose weight. But the back side of the moon is that if you go too far in calories restriction your body will try to compensate the lack of calorie intake by slowing down your whole metabolism (which is bad because you’re gonna burn your calories slower).

    5.  Polluted air.

    Mouse (not Mikkey) again. Researchers have found that mice who were chronically exposed to fine particulate air pollution developed insulin resistance, inflammation and oxidative stress, and changes to the very cellular structures that help your body turn food into usable energy.

    Those of us who has misfortune to breath polluted air please invest in quality air filters or purifiers.